• Unit Budgeting
    • Expected revenues based on your expenses
  • Leased Units
    • Unlimited Leases on the Unit
    • Rent Payables
    • Flag Dates
  • Own Unils
  • Out-of-Commission Dates
  • Unit classification as Grade A, Grade B, etc...
  • Unlimited Unit Contacts


  • Quick & Easy Bookings of Units
    • Client Contracted Rates
    • Budget Rates
  • Source of Business
  • Commission Vendor Information
  • Lists available Units for quick bookings
    • Map Based
    • List Based
  • Online Bookin


  • Committed Rates
    • By State
    • By City
    • By Area
    • By Display Type
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Payment Terms
  • Billing By
    • Credit Card
    • Cheque
    • Cash


  • Create and Manage Vendors with their respective Service Types
    • Electrical Services
    • Electronics
    • Fluff Clean
  • Commissioned Sales
    • Fixed Amount of Rental
    • Flat Amount
    • Percentage
    • Sliding Scale
  • Generate Reports on Commissioned Vendor
  • Manage Leased prpoerty from 3rd Party Property Owner
  • Track the Vendor performance of all service types


  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Integration with existing accounting system
  • Generate Initial Invoice with a mouse click
  • Approve Invoices
  • Print/ Email/ Bulk Mail the invoices to the Customers
  • Ad-hoc/ Incidental Receipts
  • Rent Receivables


  • Highly secure Administration Module
  • Configure Dates, Currency, State, Country on your own geographic locations
  • Customise your Mail Server, Budget Override and Invoice Days globally
  • Authentication and Authorisation

  • Create Users depending on their roles
    • Add Users to Group they belong to easily
    • Specify Access Control for each module and sub-modules for individual users

System Dashboard

  • User friendly Gantt Chart
  • Track your Reservation, Unit Lease Status and Notice Info, all in a dashboard
    • View Active, Active MTM, Pending, Pending MTM, On-Hold, Vacant and Move Out of a Reserved Unit
    • Track Out-of-Commission and other status of Unit Lease
    • Notice Info of all the Units
    • Filter your search based on Unit Code, Customer, Unit State, etc...

Media Planning

  • Create the Media plan within minutes based on the brief
  • Generate, print or email create the media plan
  • Attach the latest pictures of the sites with the media plan
  • Easily upload your Images, Files, Videos and Notes

Website Integration

  • Transform your website from informational to trasactional
    • Integrate OMMSee with your existing website
    • Display the available inventory on your website
    • Enable your customers to book the unit themselves
    • Embed simple code snippet to do all these
    • Automatically display your sites details at Media Marketplace EatAds.com
  • You choose which units to display on the website