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    OMMSee - Energy Efficiency

    iCaTSTM - Intelligent Control and Tracking System is the industry solution for Power Management. iCaTS is a intelligent chip (scada) based system that saves the power up to a range of 30% - 40%
    Know more about iCaTSTM - EMS

    OMMSee - RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) adopts the similar technology from iCaTSTM, monitors and regulates that lighting system depending on the time of the night and the type of lamps installed.

    OMMSee - RTU as Energy Saver

    • RTU will regulate the Energy consumption lamps used in billboards
    • The day-to-day transactions such as switching off the loads, energy usage data, and status of glowing hours and health of lamps can be monitored and further analysed
    • The system uses various parameters and calculates its operational timings in 3 different modes such as Load ON, Efficient and Optimum
    • By automatic switching to these modes, can save Energy from 20% to 30% on your electricity bills

    Core Features

    • The operations are simplified and centralised. Any functionality can be remotely completed with a mouse click or from a GSM/ CDMA telephone device
    • OMMSee RTU is developed on a well-knit network that reports to a Central Management System
    • Results in the Energy savings of up to 20%
    • Excellent central operation and maintenance of lights glowing at hoardings
    • The electrical equipments are regulated and thereby the lifespan and the performance of the lamps are increased
    • State of the art Application Software

    Illumination Reports

    OMMSee - RTU has a advanced web application that monitors and controls the hoarding illumination 24/7 from any part of the world and can generate useful reports that help the Media Owners and/or Agencies to analyse and compare that Energy Consumption and Savings achieved or need to be achieved further

    • This application provided real-time Energy Consumption details with Voltage, Current, and kWhr at each and every switch point/ hoardings
    • The SCADA system with the application will generate reports on the data collected
    • It can generate various useful reports at real-time
    • The system can track and generate reports on Voltage (V), Current (I), and Kilo Watt Hour (kWhr) or a particular node
    • It can generate Electric Billing Report, Event Reports, Savings Report and Lamp Analysis Report

    Physical Attributes

    • RTU is very comact and can be installed anywhere near the Hoarding/ Billboards depending on the size of the property and space availability
    • Apart from billboards, these units can be installed at Street Furnitures, Bus Terminals, Bus Shelters, Kiosks, Transit such as Airports, Rail Systems, Subways and Alternatives

    The units are uniquely designed for different load patterns as shown below:

    Load Capacity of RTUsDimensions (inches)
    Length x Width x Depth
    0-5 KVA17 x 9 x 11
    6 KVA and above12 x 16 x 20