Outdoor Media Management System

Outdoor Advertising is vital and necessary for the Brands and Agencies; it greatly influences the buying decisions. Repeated display of the products and services at strategic locations makes an impact on buyers, the message is delivered to the customers at right time and at right locations. Outdoor media assets are influenced with many factors such as Government policies, environmental conditions …etc. The return of investment is almost impossible in the outdoor spend.

The Media owners face a lot of challenges in running their day to day business, usually the Purchase Orders are issued after the campaign is completed. The documentation is sparse, the payments are delayed. There are issues of double booking, under booking, mounting , monitoring ...etc . As far as the operations are concerned, the media owners have to ensure that the lights are ON as promised. There are no service level agreements, its just a norm that everything goes well in good faith.

The Media owners have low occupancy as they have no proper planning tools. Some outdoor assets are sold multiple times during the same duration by sales department as they don’t have the real time information on the status of the inventory. On the other hand some inventory is never sold. The occupancy is skewed by the media sites. This mismanagement due to lack of tools and technology leads to lower profits.

OMMSee with the combination of Energy Management offers Outdoor Media unparalleled control and analysis of thier inventories, sales, operations and reporting metrics. It enables consistent process for permit application, payment processing and issuance

Our Solution - OMMSee

OMMSee can manage the complete outdoor media advertising like a breeze. It handles all the operational stages of Media Owner, Media Buyer and can be customized for/ at any level. Our thorough understanding of the outdoor industry has resulted in developing a flagship solution ready to be implemented from day one.

The system generates the documents based on an incident, such as generation of Campaign Confirmation Form. With OMMSee the entire media planning can be completed along with pictures and site demographics and Buyer budget within minutes.

The system allows the Media owners to add “friendly sites” from the partner companies and the lease is automatically generated and the sites are blocked at the partner media owner

Energy Efficiency

The iCaTS along with OMMSee keeps track of the lighting system and alerts the operations team on any electrical failures, sends day-to-day alerts on operations of lights. iCaTS saves up to 30% of energy on traditional lights such as MH, the savings percentage of savings is directly proportional to the operational hours and local electrical conditions

The iCaTS units are available from 2 KVA up to 20 KVA. These units come with the SCADA system that control and monitors the Energy consumption at each nodes/ hoardings.